Thomas Jordan, the chairman of the governing board of the swiss national bank, has released an article from the bank of international settlements pledging his allegiance to keeping the swiss franc above the stated minimum exchange rate. I continue to watch the swiss franc currency closely and if it reaches a level too close to the minimum exchange rate I will enter a position betting that the swiss franc will not fall too far below the minimum exchange rate level. I believe the swiss authority is very serious about keeping the swiss franc above the minimum exchange rate. Here is what Thomas Jordan had to say about the swiss franc:

Given this highly uncertain outlook, the SNB is – more than ever – committed to enforcing
the minimum exchange rate with the utmost determination at any time. We cannot allow the
Swiss franc to appreciate further. Hence, we must continue with our current policy, in
particular as interest rates are already around zero. To enforce this policy, we are prepared
to buy foreign currency in unlimited quantities, if necessary. Moreover, we stand ready to
take further measures if the economic outlook and the risk of deflation so require. By setting
a minimum exchange rate, we have opted for a simple and clear policy, to which we are fully

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