A large shareholder of Nam Tai unloaded shares on the open market causing a brief supply/demand imbalance. The large seller was relentless in hitting all market bids. Since Nam Tai is a fairly small iliquid company, the shares were strongly affected falling over 15% for the day. This was a wonderful buying opportunity that I was able to take advantage of. Nam Tai is a great value purchase by all metrics. Sells far below book value. Profitable and generates copious amounts of free cash flow. A dividend yield of almost 6%. The company recently signed a production contract giving the company the ability to double revenues in 2012 according to the C.E.O. Another contract is still in the works waiting to be signed. The news release of the signing will act as a catalyst to propel shares as investors realize the potential future cash flow streams. I believe Nam Tai is a great value play at this price and will continue to accumulate shares on any strong weakness.