I’ve always watched and waited for this company to sell below cash and now its trading at these levels. This company is simply a great value investment. The company sells below its liquid cash and basically has no debt. It generates tons of free cash flow. According to a 6-k released on the sec website by Nam Tai, as of June 30,2011, Nam Tai has $212.3 million in cash. The company currently sells for a $215 million market cap on the open market. The company only has $109 million in total liabilities. Book value sits around $340 million. The company generates about $30 million a year in free cash flow. To sum it up, you can buy this company below both its cash value and book value. Your getting the business and its assests for free. Your also getting the cash flow that these assets produce for free as well. The cash flow from these assets is paid back to you in the form of the companies 4% dividend yield.

-Great Buy: NTE-

Link to companies current 6k with up to date financial info. Yahoo Finance is NOT up to date: http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/829365/000119312511206611/d6k.htm