I’ve finally learned to truly ignore the noise. My eyes are not glued to CNBC and I don’t wake up early to view squack box anymore. I don’t talk stocks with friends or speculate on market movements. I’d rather spend my day working and creating new businesses. Enjoying exotic fruits and vegetables. My favorite dish is Kale with Avacado,Tomato,Olive Oil, and Herbamere. My portfolio is my portfolio and every few monthes I’ll check it to read a new 8k or 10k.  As long as my portfolio continues to generate a stream of income I’m satisfied. When people who usually are not interested in stocks begin to complain about how they lost there money in the market,that will be the time when I will begin my due dilligence. In times of overwhelming pessimism is when an investor comes out to play. I was lucky to understand investing principles right before the crash in 2008. Nothing stuck with me greater than the words of both Warren Buffett and Nathan Mayer Rothschild. Buffett says “buy when others are fearful and sell when others are greedy.” Mayer Rothschild says “buy at the sound of cannons and sell at the sound of trumpets.” Yes Indeed.