Rhi Entertainments Alice movie on SYFY was a hit. It reached millions of viewers and was the second most watched miniseries in SYFY history right behind Rhi’s other production Tin Man. However, Rhi Entertainments stock RHIE hasn’t faired to well recently. Third quarter earnings were a disaster with revenue dropping in all segments. I love the company because it has a portfolio that generates royalties and if your a reader of my blog you know I love royalties. After listening to Rhie’s conference call I believe most of there revenue will land in the fourth quarter of 2009 because of delayed programming from media companies. The stock has been drastically oversold. If you do your due dilgence you will find that once this company returns to a normal operating environment shareholder equity will begin to appreciate. This company is my current favorite long term pick and I believe it will turn out to be a wonderful investment.