transocean-rigWe all know about the great uses of oil so no introduction is needed. I believe we have hit a point in which massive spending by our U.S. government will cause inflation. When inflation begins to roar its ugly head, the price of this precious commodity begins to appreciate. A barrel of oil is priced in dollars meaning to buy a barrel of oil you must use American dollars. As  more dollars begin to circulate it will take more of those dollars to buy goods. Most of the oil on land has already been discovered so now companies are looking to the deep sea for new prospects. The best way to profit from inflation and higher oil prices is to possibly buy stock in Transocean. Transocean is the worlds largest offshore drilling contractor. They are in the business of charging oil companies to use there massive fleet of offshore drilling equipment. As oil prices begin to rise, Transocean prices to contract its offshore fleet will appreciate. Now may be a good time to begin to accumulate shares.

Transocean: RIG